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Jessica Beauchesne 
Digestive Mindset Coach 
[Who You Are Here] Ex: Award Winning Fitness Coach & Author in San Diego
I am very proud to say I am a digestive mindset coach. I encourage people to be confident in their abilities so they can be in control of their stress allowing them to feel freedom and experience a balance in their life by implementing healthy habits. 

Nutrition is about more than just the food we put in our mouths, it is about everything we consume on a daily basis.  I work with clients to help them find a balance that is right for them and their life.

I have spent my life being a student and always trying to learn a better way or a better perspective of how I see the world. This has helped me become more intuitive of what my body and mind needs to function in a healthy way. Now it is my absolute pleasure to share all this knowledge with you!

I have been blessed with two amazing children and have been married to my husband for almost 14 amazing years! I love spending time with my friends, husband and kids, listening to all their stories, playing piano, extreme skiing and listening to live music. 

My greatest achievements are when I see the progress and accomplishments from my children, husband and clients from the transformational coaching I provide for them. 

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